Manuka Glow Balm Hero Ingredients

Soothing Manuka Honey Extract.  Manuka Honey has shown to have superior skin hydrating properties with its ability to draw moisture into the skin. Its role in the acceleration of skin barrier repair has resulted in much research conducted to investigate the benefits of its wound healing, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties

Australian Finger Lime Caviar. A native lime found in Australia, it is a super anti-oxidant, high in Vitamin C, and has the unique ability to facilitate absorption of vital ingredients into the skin. It is relatively new to the skin care industry and is rapidly gaining a reputation for its brightening and anti-aging properties. We love it because it assists in uneven skin pigmentation and inflammation caused by damaged and stressed skin

Organic Alpine Flax Extract. Linum Alpinum grows in the Swiss Alps and is rich in essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins. It is very soothing and normalises skin surface bacterial flora. Contains polysaturated oily acids that promote skin nutrition and regeneration, prevents from premature ageing and appearance of pigmented spots.