Coping With Eczema In Children

As a parent nothing is more heartbreaking than watching your child suffer with a skin condition. Having suffered eczema on my arms in inner elbows as a child I was all too familiar with how debilitating it was. Seeing it develop in my own children left me feeling desperate and helpless- it was the catalyst in founding Allay Organics.

Here are some basic tips that helped me get through managing my children's symptoms when they were experiencing itchy flares. 

  • Minimise the use of foamy bath and body washes- preferably use SLS free shampoos if possible
  • Wash in luke-warm bath with a cap full (30ml) of your favourite carrier oil such as sunflower, safflower, camellia or light olive oil. 
  • To soothe itchy skin try placing 1 cup of rolled oats in a stocking and place in a lukewarm bath. While the tap is running squeeze the contents over the skin. Lightly pat dry afterwards.
  • Moisturise lightly after a bath or shower and wear light cotton fabrics
  • Keep nails short. I even went to the extend of getting a thick layer of clear gel polish at the nail salon to help with sharp nails damaging skin
  • If possible try wearing cotton gloves at night (available from a pharmacy). I sometimes used a light gauzed wrap to cover the arms to help with itching
  • Antihistamines- will help with sleep and take the edge off itching (please refer to your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist for dosage advice)
  • The Sun- A great source of Vitamin D3. I have found that just 15-20 minutes of exposure in the morning or late afternoon will assist in healing and drying up oozy skin.
  • During bad flares I did avoid dairy, sugar, processed food and gluten for my children. Try clean eating for a period until things settle down.

As always, if you are concerned, things are not getting better or you suspect that the skin is getting infected (usually the skin looks "hot" and fluid filled) then do not hesitate to seek medical advice urgently.

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  • Gemma

    This Allay Calm Cream is a God send for me! Been suffering eczema/psoriasis for almost 8 months now, with lots of trips to the GP, creams nothing works! This week went to see a naturopath and she gave me this Allay Calm Cream after two hours I applied the itchiness has stopped! Praise God!!! I was in tears to say the least, Finally I can concentrate with my work above all getting a good night sleep for a change. Thank you so much Julie for sharing this to us. I cannot say thank you enough, you save my life from misery. Please keep up your good work! xx

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